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Australian Merino wool is trusted by designers and consumers across the world, with environmental health front of mind by the woolgrowers who produce it. As custodians of the land, Australian woolgrowers aim to leave the environment in a better way than how they found it, securing the health of the land for generations to come.

Australian woolgrowers work to preserve, protect and improve the natural resources of their farms; the waterways, valleys and hills, and native plants and animals. The Woolmark Company provides valuable resources and workshops to run projects dedicated to environmental health, including improving soil quality and enhancing biodiversity.

Improving Environmental Health


Regenerative agriculture

Australian woolgrowers are constantly innovating to improve the health of the environment on which they live, connecting soil health with conscious consumption for brands and consumers alike. Read about the woolgrowers nurturing the land.

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14 Jan 2020
Wool Suiting

M.J. Bale commits to carbon neutral wool through single origin collection

14 Jan 2020
Traceability and carbon neutral is what’s on the agenda for tailor M.J. Bale, as it partners with an Australian Merino wool farm for single origin collection.
02 Dec 2019

Give back this GivingTuesday with these wool-inspired gifts

02 Dec 2019
Looking to buy quality gifts for a good cause? Woolmark has identified the best wool products on the market in time for GivingTuesday.
23 Sep 2019

Ban Xiaoxue’s collection is made entirely from traceable Merino wool

23 Sep 2019
Chinese designer and International Woolmark Prize alumnus BAN XIAOXUE has released a traceable knitwear collection for Fall/Winter 2019.
22 Sep 2019

Venetian Gondoliers win Eco-Stewardship Award for use of wool in iconic uniforms

22 Sep 2019
Venice’s iconic gondoliers have been awarded the Eco-Stewardship Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards for their use of Australian Merino wool in their uniforms.