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Wool: it’s easy to wash, easy to dry and easy to care for. Learn to wash wool the easy way as Anjelica Huston dishes the dirt on laundry and offers some pertinent life advice along the way.


Anjelica Huston Really Cares For Wool – Trailer
International Woolmark Prize

2020 Global Final

The countdown is on until the 2020 International Woolmark Prize. Here's everything you need to know before the global final takes place.
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The Wardrobe Study

New research reveals that wool clothes are the longest-lasting items in our wardrobes. An extensive dive into wardrobes across the world uncovers how we wear, care and dispose of clothes.

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Healthy Soil, Healthy Wool

Regenerative Agriculture

Growing wool in Australia using regenerative agriculture works to foster diversity and resilience in ecology, people and economy.

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Benefits of wool

No other fibre - natural or man-made - can match all of wool's inherent benefits. From luxury fashion to technical performance, Australian Merino wool has it all.

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Latest News
14 Jan 2020
Wool Suiting

M.J. Bale commits to carbon neutral wool through single origin collection

14 Jan 2020
Traceability and carbon neutral is what’s on the agenda for tailor M.J. Bale, as it partners with an Australian Merino wool farm for single origin collection.
07 Jan 2020

Going the extra mile with Iffley Road

07 Jan 2020
Merino wool waterproof jackets, tops, beanies and leggings for running, activewear and lifestyle from UK brand Iffley Road.
04 Jan 2020

Albus Lumen’s single-origin Merino wool collection

04 Jan 2020
Albus Lumen launches a fully traceable Australian Merino wool travel collection, providing the ultimate in travel clothing thanks to wool’s benefits.
15 Dec 2019

A Woolmark gift guide for Christmas

15 Dec 2019
Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas. Shop the Woolmark gift guide now to find the best wool presents for adults and kids, summer and winter.

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