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The ultimate guide

Living plastic-free

If plastic-bag bans have you giddy with joy, you carry a stainless steel straw or protein shaker in your gym bag and your favourite keep cup is a staple wherever you go, chances are you’re on the right track to eliminating plastic from your everyday life. And while it’s no secret a vast amount of plastic ends up in our oceans, did you ever stop to think about the plastic you can’t see?


Anjelica Huston Really Cares For Wool

Independent designers innovate in a time of crisis

The fashion industry – from raw fibre to retail store – has been irrevocably challenged by the COVID-19 global pandemic, but true to their creative roots, fashion designers are finding ways to innovate.

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Weave your own piece of wall art

This woven wool wall hanging is accomplished on a simple loom which will hold the cotton warp as the wool weft is passed in and out with the fingers. Australian artist Natalie Miller’s tutorial will arm you with an array of different techniques that you can achieve with tapestry weaving.

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Comfort dressing

Getting hygge with it

From super soft knitwear through to your shoes and socks made from wool, dressing comfortably just got even more stylish with this go-to Soft Clothes edit, taking you from the house to lunch without an outfit change.

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Latest News
05 May 2020
Wool interiors

Wool carpets clean and purify the air

05 May 2020
Wool carpets can actually purify the indoor air, helping make your home as clean and as safe as possible.
23 Apr 2020
The Dreamweaving Project

How to weave a tapestry

23 Apr 2020
Learn to weave your own piece of wonderful wall art with renowned textile artist Natalie Miller.
20 Apr 2020

Unravelling the seams

20 Apr 2020
From breaking down supply chains to travelling back to the source, brands are offering traceable collections, with Merino wool a common thread.
19 Apr 2020

Green is the new black

19 Apr 2020
Conscious consumption, the circular economy and a garment’s lifecycle - what does it all mean. Here, Woolmark explains fashion for good.

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