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Pictured: Andrew and Carina Doran and family at woolgrowing property, ‘Ahgunyah’, New South Wales.

Our ethos builds industry confidence and a unity of purpose through communication and collaboration, as well as supporting skills training, networking and leadership initiatives for everyone involved in the Australian wool industry – from the woolgrowers on farms, through the supply chain and designers until the finished product ends up in the hands of conscious consumers. Through honest and open conversation, we aim to create positive change for the industry.



We establish long-term relationships with tens of thousands of Australian woolgrowers who work tirelessly to look after their sheep and the land on which they graze. Invested in the Woolmark brand, Australian woolgrowers take great pride in what they do to produce the world’s best wool. The Woolmark Company is on a mission to provide forward-thinking knowledge and training to these growers, taking the fibre even further into the future.

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“The most impressive part of the trip for me was the work of Woolmark in China. From the research and development through to marketing and the impact it’s having on our industry and the price of wool. With the range of new products being developed I was impressed by the versatility of wool and the fantastic campaigns being promoted by The Woolmark Company."




We offer training and workshops for our world-class shearers, ensuring they employ the latest and safest techniques, helping optimise both their personal health and the sheep’s wellbeing. We work with industry organisations and contractors and invest in regional coaching programs which are fundamental to education and the adoption of best practice.

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We partner with like-minded designers and brands looking for sustainable material solutions to change the vocabulary around Merino wool and offer less impactful products to their customers.

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Woolmark Certification


Our core values are reflected by those with whom we partner. Woolmark licensees and partners are responsible for abiding by ethical labour practices in the manufacture of Woolmark products. Our partners sign up to our licensee agreement, requiring them to comply to the requirements set by the International Labour Organization and United Nations. Licensees must also comply with the environmental laws of where their product is made and sold.

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“My capsule collection carries the Woolmark certification which represents the best quality of wool products.”


Learn About Wool

A platform that contains a wealth of resources, lesson plans and activities for teachers and students from early childhood through to senior secondary years.

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27 Nov 2019

WARDROBE.NYC launches Release 05 Tailoring with traceable Merino wool

27 Nov 2019
A traceable and transparent supply chain is at the core of WARDROBE.NYC’s Release 05 Tailoring collection, in partnership with The Woolmark Company.
23 Sep 2019

Venetian Gondoliers win Eco-Stewardship Award for use of wool in iconic uniforms

23 Sep 2019
Venice’s iconic gondoliers have been awarded the Eco-Stewardship Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards for their use of Australian Merino wool in their uniforms.
01 Mar 2019

Merino wool plays centre court with Alexander Zverev

01 Mar 2019
Rising tennis star Alexander Zverev is the face of a new Z Zegna campaign championing Australian Merino wool, showcasing the technical performance benefits of speciality fabric TECHMERINO Wash&Go.
06 Feb 2019

Mediterranean frolic: the debut Jacquemus menswear line

06 Feb 2019
French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus collaborates with The Woolmark Company on his debut menswear line for Jacquemus.