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Wool Suiting

Travelling in style

Travel has become more about extreme comfort at the cost of a sense of style. Whether by car, air or sea, travel was once an experience where people approached with a sense of adventure not just about the destination but the journey.

As such, their clothes reflected this – it was just as important to look good while getting there as it was to have the perfect getaway wardrobe stored in your suitcase. Take some hints from the fashionable jet-set of yesteryear with our guide of what to wear travelling.

By air

Planes are microclimates that can cause havoc when trying to regulate body temperature. Tight seating can also cause excessive crinkling, even on short trips.

A stylish yet comfortable solution is to choose clothing that has minimal wrinkling or the elasticity to return to its original shape. For short flights, suits in Merino wool not only come with a built-in climate control system due to breathability, but also have a high stretch, which means that while it might wrinkle slightly en route, it will soon return to pristine condition.

For long-haul flights, choose casual trousers with either a Merino wool tee or lightweight sweater for a more laid-back look. Experts also recommend wearing woollen socks to help with circulation.

By land

Driving is never just driving – it’s stopping, walking and exploring. It’s also far more relaxed than flying. But looking fresh is no less important. The time of the year you take your holiday will always dictate wardrobe choices, as will your destination, so simple yet timeless trans-seasonal pieces will keep you looking and feeling comfortable.

Teaming your favourite jeans with a Merino wool sweater will guarantee comfort for long periods on the road while creating a look that’s versatile enough for all occasions. While keeping the interior of a car at comfortable temperatures is easy, choosing a sweater made using Merino wool has the added benefit of absorbing moisture from the body but is soft enough that it won’t irritate.

Woollen socks will also allow your feet to breath while absorbing any sweat that forms, with the added comfort bonus ideal for exploring surrounding landscapes.

By sea

Travel by sea requires negotiating all four seasons – warm days, cool nights, wind and potential rain – in the space of one day. But rather than succumbing to the urge to over-pack, pack smart instead.

Tailored shorts teamed with either Merino wool tees or loose weave shirting are perfect for a luxe casual look. When the sun goes down and the temperature drops, wool V-neck sweaters and chinos will bring additional warmth without losing that relaxed, nautical look. Switch your shirting for your sweater during the day for a more classic, European look and added benefit of sun protection.

While it might seem cliché, deck shoes are in fact one of the most versatile styles of footwear great with both shorts and pants, while providing important grip during wet periods on deck.

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Benjamen Judd is a Sydney-based writer who has been published in some of Australia’s biggest publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Financial Review, and regularly speaks on radio about contemporary men’s style.