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Wool Suiting

Thom Browne Cools Off

The weather might be icy in New York right now, but already Americans are thinking about their wardrobes for the spring and summer months ahead. What better way to wile away the winter months than to plan in great detail the looks to wear when the temperature rises, after all. In collaboration with The Woolmark Company, New York designer Thom Browne – best known for his cropped take on the classic men’s suit – has unveiled his spring/summer 2016 collection featuring a number of Cool Wool-certified garments, becoming the first American designer to do so. 

Thom Browne Laboratory (Episode 1)


The Cool Wool suits are crafted from Australian Merino wool, with Browne a long-time champion of the natural fibre as the premier element in luxury fashion, demonstrating its comfort even under the hottest conditions. A selection of wool scarves, shoes, ties and bags will also be available, showcasing the innate versatility of Merino wool and further positioning the fibre as one for all seasons.

There is no better example of the versatility of Merino wool than Cool Wool, a collection of fine, lightweight fabrics suited to warmer seasons, climates and changing environments. Innovative breeding methods by Australian woolgrowers, combined with modern textile processing, have developed the natural properties of Merino wool as a fibre for all seasons. Cool Wool garments are manufactured from lightweight Merino wool fabrics with a maximum weight of 190 g/m² and a maximum mean wool fibre diameter of 22.5 micron.

Wool: Fit for Anything - Thom Browne Laboratory (Episode 3)


“Wool has long been an essential element of my collection and this partnership with The Woolmark Company allows me to further explore the possibilities and boundless potential of the fibre,” explains Browne. “We’re using more wool in our spring collections each year and its natural benefits such as breathability and shape retention mean it is perfect for lightweight suiting. I’m excited about the prospect of these collaborative collections with Woolmark,” says Browne. “I was proud to be a judge for The International Woolmark Prize earlier this year and look forward to building on our creative partnership.” 

Mitchell Oakley Smith is The Woolmark Company’s Global Content & Creative Manager. His writing has appeared in Architectural Digest, Belle, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, The Australian and Vogue, and he is the author of five books on art, fashion and design.