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Processing Innovations

Whole Garment Knitting Technology

Discover whole garment knitting technology with wool for next-to-no seams, superior appearance and comfort.

Luxury car protection enhanced by Merino

Protect your car with Goodwool’s Merino wool car cover, tested to protect car battery life in temperature excursion.
Sustainability and wool

How Australian woolgrowers are mitigating methane | Woolmark

Processing Innovations

Flat Bed Knitting Technology

Discover how to use flat bed knitting technology for an infinite range of garments and innovative wool designs.
Processing Innovations

Circular Knitting Technology

Discover circular knitting technology for comfort, versatility and infinite potential.
Processing Innovations

Warp Knitting Technology

Expand your wool innovations with warp knitting technology. From flexible structures to three-dimensional garments, warp knitting technology offers opportunity for unique design development.
Woolmark Certification

How to become a supply chain licensee

Learn how to become a certified Woolmark licensee and verify the quality of your wool product.
Woolmark Certification

How to become a brand or retailer licensee

Learn how to become a certified Woolmark licensee and verify the quality of your wool yarns, fabrics, garments, interiors and laundry products.

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Winter-ready with Perfect Moment’s Merino skiwear

Ski and snow-wear brand Perfect Moment joins The Woolmark Company to release the best Merino wool snow clothes to keep you warm and dry.

Haydenshapes unveils Merino wool RTW capsule collection

The Woolmark Company and Haydenshapes unveil Merino wool post-surf ready-to-wear capsule as part of their Season 2 RTW collection titled ‘POST-SURF / NEW WAVE’.

Merino wool takes to the track with Nissan’s Formula E T eam

Nissan and The Woolmark Company create innovative Merino wool performance uniform for Nissan’s Formula E Team.