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Wool interiors

Decorating with Merino wool

Photography: Edward Urrutia
Illustration: Barry Allen Patenaude 

Merino wool can be used not just for throws, blankets and floor rugs but the options in curtains, cushions and decorative items are near endless.


Thanks to its naturally hardwearing and stain-resistant properties Merino wool is an excellently resilient material to use for carpets, even in high traffic areas. Wool is also a great insulator meaning wool carpet works well to help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Natural elasticity in Merino wool fibres also make it very soft and flexible under foot so it is both comfortable to lie on and springs back into shape after compression, even from heavy furniture.


For all the same reasons you would choose carpets made from wool – resilience, warmth, insulation, comfort – Merino wool rugs are a great addition to a home with tiles or floorboards.  A wool rug will instantly add warmth to a space while also improving acoustics in a home, dulling loud noises from heavy shoes on tiles or boards. Wool is also an extremely versatile material and can be treated in a wide range of ways, meaning your choices for colours, textures and patterns on your wool rug, are endless.


As previously mentioned, wool is a great insulator also making it a great choice for curtains or blinds. A Merino wool window covering will help keep hot or cold air in or out while also dulling noise. Available is such a wide range of finishes you’ll find a Merino wool covering to suit almost any home’s décor.


Merino wool blankets and underlays will not only help keep you warm and comfortable but wool bedding has been shown to improve sleep quality for both adults and children. Wool’s naturally elastic fibres make it both breathable and hypo allergenic, a safe and comfortable choice for all types of bedding.

Cushions and upholstery

Flexibility and strength make Merino wool an excellent fabric for covering sofas, chairs or cushions. Finely crimped Merino wool fibres are soft to touch while also being strong and therefore hardwearing. The stain resistant properties of wool also make it great for areas where there are likely to be spills, such as the lounge. With most Merino wool fabrics being machine washable it’s especially great for removable upholstery covers.

Art and decorative items

The versatility of wool has also meant it lends itself excellently to artists as a medium for wall hangings and other decorative items such as lampshades. Dust resistant properties make it well suited for both.

Alexandra Brown grew up on a Merino sheep stud on Kangaroo Island, in South Australia. Having worked for Australian House & Garden, Living Etc and Vogue Australia, she is currently immersed in digital content creation as Vogue Living’s online editor.