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Base Layers For Men

Base layers for men are an easily integrated part of the wardrobe, seamlessly fitting under existing garments. Best made from Merino wool, they are a comfortable, lightweight addition to your daily outfit. Whether long, short sleeve or all in one, they can be the perfect way to help make sure that your outer clothing remains sweat-free or protects you from the precarious elements of nature.


The first step when it comes to investing in a range of Merino wool base layers is to know what style you need for what occasion, and how to wear them.



With warmer weather, the primary function of men’s base layers is to keep sweat off the body and outer clothing while helping to keep the body temperature down through evaporative cooling. There are two main styles:



When the weather cools, base layers are great at regulating heat and protecting your body from the cold. As such, garments that offer a more complete covering of the body are preferred.

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