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The best Merino wool socks

Merino wool is the perfect fibre for socks. Moisture wicking, odour resistant, breathable and comfortable, Merino wool will keep your feet in perfect condition regardless of the activity.

Your socks play a major role in keeping your feet dry, warm and comfortable throughout the day. Whether you're climbing mountains or commuting into the city, your socks form a buffer between your feet and your shoes, absorbing sweat, preventing blisters, and keeping your footwear fresh.

To help you decide what sock is the perfect fit for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best Merino wool socks in market, to make the choice of what sock to wear just that little bit easier.

Whether you’re cycling, running, hiking, skiing, walking to work or staying comfortable at home, here is a list of the best Merino wool socks.

Merino wool is not only soft, breathable and durable, the unique fibre construction means it’s resistant to odour and kicks goals when it comes to moisture management and breathability.

Now that your feet are sorted, why not let the rest of your body get cosy and comfortable with this Merino wool edit.

Scientific trials confirms Merino wool is the best for socks

Merino wool socks have been shown, scientifically, to be more comfortable to wear than cotton and acrylic socks. Although polypropylene socks were rated similar in terms of comfort to Merino wool socks, they were rated poorly for smell retention. Merino socks were the best all-round performers, yielding a comfortable experience with superior odour control whilst being cleanable at lower temperatures.

Merino wool was found to have the following attributes:

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Getting Hygge with it

The effortless wool comfort you’ve been looking for.