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Sara Nuru

Co-founder of social food start-up nuruCoffee (organic, fair trade), Co-founder of non-profit organisation nuruWomen, Model and SDG Ambassador

Why have you partnered with The Woolmark Company?
Woolmark is a brand I can deeply connect with. Knitting is one of my favourite activities and quality wool does make a difference. The same counts for the clothes you’re wearing. 

What do you love about Merino wool?
Wearing wool is a sustainable choice, which is comfortable at the same time. I love the comforting feeling of this natural fibre on my skin.

Why is choosing natural so important?
Nowadays this becomes more important than ever. By this you contribute to a sustainable world. Choosing natural is easy as it is of great quality and cosy too.

How have you used Merino wool to replace synthetics in your life?
As mentioned I love knitting. So, I give away handmade presents I knitted with Merino wool. In winter you hardly see me in any other sweater than one made from Merino wool. They keep you warm and regulate the temperature - it is just perfect. The same goes for workouts. Skiers know about the advantages of wool - now I’m glad to see fashionable wool sportswear available.

What are your top tips for living a plastic-free life?
I carry a tote bag in my bag for spontaneous shopping errands. Before I go grocery shopping, I make sure I bring reusable bags where I can to carry my groceries in.