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Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team


Why have you partnered with The Woolmark Company?
Max Sirena, Team Director & Skipper: “Our physical activity is very demanding in terms of clothing: the garments that we wear must be isothermal, elastic, breathable and as water resistant as possible. I discovered that Merino wool is all of this. It performs very well and is also absolutely sustainable and biodegradable. I must say that our new uniforms are a wonderful surprise that makes our body – and our spirit – feel great.” 

What do you love about Merino wool?
Max Sirena, Team Director & Skipper: Our activities take place, for the most part, at sea. When we sail, we risk getting very wet, but the technology used in our wool jackets keeps us warm and dry. Wearing clothing that guarantees high levels of comfort is an important factor, which if not satisfied, could compromise the performance of the team.

Why is choosing natural so important?
Max Sirena, Team Director & Skipper: The integration of natural and biodegradable fibres as opposed to synthetic materials in the fabrics of our uniform is first and foremost a respectful choice towards the environment. Every year tons of microplastics are poured into the sea, putting ecosystems and the entire planet at risk. The Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and at sea by seeking a “reverse course” through its daily actions.

How involved was the team in the creation of the uniforms?
Shannon Falcone, Prada Luna Rossa Pirelli Team: Considering everything is custom, the answer varies. The process starts with me specifying the various items required for the campaign, which can vary depending on training locations, position, role onboard and the date of the World Series, Prada and America’s Cup events. I provide references from experience as well as references from other sports, such as cycling, speedskating and MTB, to help the designers work on a deck for visual sign-off. We will then go through the material specifications for each garment (weight, breathability, elasticity, durability and whether it needs to be wind waterproof). At this point the first round of prototypes is made and the development really starts.

Why is the product different to what other teams wear?
The competitive advantage comes from the inclusion of Merino wool. Wool is the best-performing natural fibre for any sport. In fact it was used in all sports before the advent of the synthetic fibres - more advanced than the wool at the time. Today the evolution in the processes of the supply chain enable the highest quality of wool - its fineness and performance characteristics make it desirable in extraordinary fields, such as sailing for the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team. Wool is a naturally elastic, isothermal, breathable fibre and with particular treatments it is also resistant to water. It is what is needed in the most demanding conditions of sailing.