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Dorian van Rijsselberghe

Two-time Olympic windsurfing Champion; retired pro windsurfer

Why have you partnered with The Woolmark Company?
The mission of The Woolmark Company appeals to me. They champion the use of natural fibres such as wool, one of the most environmentally conscious clothing fibres there is.

What do you love about Merino wool?
The Merino wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. The latter is particular very interesting. When the clothing is no longer worn, the valuable raw materials are returned to the environment without polluting the environment in which we live.

Why is Merino wool the perfect performance fibre for your area of expertise?
Merino wool clothes have many advantages: the clothes are odour-resistant, the breathability is high and the fabric is wrinkle resistant. Very handy if you exercise a lot and are on the road. And Merino wool looks genuinely beautiful, not unimportant to me either. In short, all advantages if you travel a lot like me, live out of a bag and secretly hate washing.

Why is choosing natural so important?
Because of the next generations – to leave the world in a better state.

What is your favourite exercise to perform in Merino wool?
My favourite exercise to wear Merino wool would be mountain biking. I love the comfort and warmth the fabric it gives me. Even if I get super sweaty I’m not getting smelly.

What are your top tips for enjoying a plastic-free fitness regime?
Rule number one, bring your own bottle. Rule number two, bring your own bottle. Rule number three, bring your own bottle. Look for alternative products for healthy food that have smart low-plastic packaging as a snack.