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Wool footwear

Gone are the days of wool only being used for slippers. Wool footwear has come a long way with a range of innovative wool footwear on the rise, from knitted sneakers to felted shoes and more.

Superior comfort
Superior comfort

Using the latest technology, wool footwear can be knitted to its final shape, creating a great fit with the superior comfort of wool.

Moisture wicking
Moisture wicking

Merino wool fibres absorb large quantities of moisture vapour then move it away to evaporate into the air, keeping sweat away and rain at bay.

Odour resistant
Odour resistant

Sweat less, smell better. Merino wool actually locks away odour molecules, which are only released when washed. 

Knitted Sneakers

Merino wool sneakers harness nature’s original performance fibre. Forget running with plastics and get the best out of your training with innovatively constructed Merino wool sneakers. Circle’s SuperNatural runner is light, durable and comfortable, featuring an innovative blend of Merino wool and TENCEL™ for the shoe’s upper and fitted with a 100% Merino wool lining. Knitted sneakers are Mother Nature’s go-to for optimum performance, helping athletes and adventure seekers to put their best foot forward.

Felted Shoes

Felted shoes are more than just your average slipper. Soft to touch and soft underfoot, felted shoes harness the wool fibre’s natural durability, breathability and odour resistance. Many are machine washable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, felted shoes such as Gottstein’s Magicfelt slippers embrace the wool fibre’s versatility for wear in hot or cold conditions, as well as wool’s natural moisture wicking properties and breathability for comfortable wear.

The Ultimate Fibre for Footwear

Merino wool shoes are a natural solution for comfort and performance. Whether you’re relaxing at home or hitting the pavement for a run, Merino wool shoes are naturally versatile for numerous footwear needs.


Explore Merino wool footwear options for men, women and kids.