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Mizuno elevates their Breath Thermo base-layers with Merino wool

From thermal tops to leggings, Japanese sports giant – Mizuno – includes Merino wool in its Breath Thermo base-layers to support peak performance. 

For the first time, one of Mizuno’s best-selling ranges is incorporating Merino wool. Breath Thermo was first developed 30 years ago as a moisture-absorbing and heat-retaining base layer for winter sports apparel which, until now, has been entirely made from synthetic fibres.

Breath Thermo Evolution

Mizuno has brought Breath Thermo into a new era to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the product range, elevating it to premium status with the addition of 60% Merino wool. The latest series of the Breath Thermo base-layers harness the natural benefits of the wool fibre which include natural body temperature regulation, as well as moisture management and odour resistance for a naturally enhanced approach to performance wear for men and women.

“Merino wool is the fibre that brings out the best in Breath Thermo. It is a premium fibre with a reputation for luxury. Its performance benefits include its natural odour resistance, breathability and moisture management that only a natural fibre can provide.”

Ogawa Akira , Senior Advisor at Mizuno
Ogawa Akira , Senior Advisor at Mizuno

Quality Tested Innovation

Working in partnership with The Woolmark Company, Mizuno’s latest Breath Thermo base-layers underwent strict quality testing. While undergoing Mizuno’s rigorous monitoring and testing, the performance apparel was also tested against the Woolmark certification, earning the Wool Rich Blend logo as a signifier of wool content and quality assurance.

With 20,000 pieces of the latest base-layers launched for Japan’s current Autumn/Winter season, Breath Thermo’s wool-rich apparel is set to remain a key addition in future years.