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Product innovations

Vivobarefoot x Woolmark 3D knitted shoe upper

High performance sock-free sneakers

Using advanced 3D knitting technology Vivobarefoot has harnessed the performance benefits of Merino wool and created a sock-free shoe upper for their popular Primus Knit and Magna Trail styles.


Benefits of wool face masks 


Odour resistant
Naturally odour resistant, integrating Merino wool in the shoe upper reduces shoe odour risk.
Wool is naturally breathable. 3D knitting technology enhances this through knitted channel pipes that act as vents along the sock-like upper.
Reduce waste
3D knitting technology reduces the wastage of the material as there is no need for cut-and-sew techniques to create shape.

How it works

Merino wool performance shoes

To create these barefoot shoes, the Merino wool fibre is spun into a special highly twisted wool yarn by Woolmark licensee Südewolle and then knitted with an advanced Stoll flat-bed knitting machine to create the 3D stitch effects and shape.  

3D knitting enables the Merino wool yarn to be knitted along the inside of the upper to ensure next-to-skin comfort. Not only does the Merino wool next-to-skin provide a super soft inner fabric, the 3D knitting technology enhances wool’s natural breathability through knitted channel pipes that act as vents along the sock-like upper.

Both Vivobarefoot’s Primus Knit and Magna Trail styles are Woolmark-certified Wool Performance Blend. The wool upper has been rigorously tested to ensure fibre, fabric and performance quality.

The Woolmark technical team has been involved in this innovative material development and performance evaluation. To learn more about the 3D knitting technology and specialist yarn support and recommendations contact the Woolmark Technical Team.


About Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot is a leading global barefoot shoe company who are at the forefront of sustainable footwear innovation; they are on a mission to find the highest quality materials that regenerate nature and support your feet. Recently acknowledged as a B Corporation™ Certified business Vivobarefoot is using Merino wool as part of its new eco-material strategy to only use natural, recycled and bio materials for all new products.


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