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How to Become a Woolmark
Supply Chain Licensee

Learn how to become a certified Woolmark Supply Chain licensee and verify the quality of your wool yarns, fabrics, garments, interiors and laundry products. Discover the unique benefits of the Woolmark licensee program from connecting with our global network of brand and design partners to receiving tailored support and product development from our technical experts.


Step by Step Guide to Woolmark Certification

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Step 1


Begin your Woolmark certification journey and receive Woolmark certification as a spinner, weaver, knitter or garment maker.

To start your Woolmark certification process, complete the application form.

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Step 2

Product Input & Testing

Once your application is reviewed, you will receive restricted access to the my.Woolmark portal to submit information on all wool products to be certified during The Woolmark Company’s quality testing process.

Yarns, fabrics, garments, interiors and laundry products must be independently tested by authorised labs to qualify for Woolmark certification.


Step 3

Licence Activation

After signing your Woolmark Licence Agreement and paying the invoice, you will receive your unique Licence Number, certificate and gain full access to the my.Woolmark portal to receive support tools.

As a Supply Chain licensee, your customers can easily certify their wool products and use our iconic Woolmark logo.

Exclusive Licensee Benefits

my.Woolmark Portal

my.Woolmark Portal

Access the my.Woolmark portal, a personalised website rich with resources that provides instant access to support tools. Explore benefits exclusively for Woolmark licensees which include market intelligence reports, tickets and labels artwork and details, testing requests, product innovation support, account support and marketing assets to promote your product.

Access to Expert Support

Access to Expert Support

As a Woolmark licensee, you’ll be allocated your own Woolmark Business Development Manager, providing support with the certification process, wool industry insights, innovation commercialisation, technical transfer, training and education, and PR and marketing support.


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