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Woolmark Certification

How to become Woolmark-certified

Once your product is Woolmark certified, you become a Woolmark licensee and you will have access to unrivalled industry intelligence, expertise and information.


Support for your business


50% Fee Reduction
50% Fee Reduction

All new Woolmark licensees will be eligible to take advantage of a 50% reduction in the annual licence fee for the iconic Woolmark Certification Program valid until July 2021.

Sourcing and supplying wool
Sourcing and supplying wool

Connecting designers, brands and manufacturers directly to suppliers of yarn and fabric, we give Woolmark licensees the opportunity to connect with wool suppliers and buyers.

Technical transfer
Technical transfer

Our dedicated technical team of experts have specialist knowledge in all areas of the supply chain and are available to assist our licensees with technical transfer, traceability, process and product development and supply chain optimisation.

Supply chain optimisation
Supply chain optimisation

We offer our Woolmark licensees design team support with supply chain assistance, quality assurance, seasonal consultation, product innovation and marketing to commercialise new wool product lines.

Retail training
Retail training

We offer comprehensive training sessions tailored exclusively to Woolmark licensees to not only educate staff about the benefits and versatility of wool, but to ultimately allow them to maximise their sales of wool product.


From fundamental to masters level coursework, the Woolmark Learning Centre offers expert-led knowledge, resources and programs across disciplines in the supply chain to upskill your staff.

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The Meaning Behind the Mark


Steps to become Woolmark-certified

1. Application

To use our iconic logo, we first connect you with a Woolmark representative to understand your product range and your business needs. Fill out the form below to get started.

2. Product testing

Yarns, fabrics, garments, care products and processes are independently tested in order to qualify for Woolmark certification. We ensure consumers are receiving quality wool products, that’s why we ask brands to undergo rigorous testing. 

3. Business support

As a Woolmark licensee, you will be allocated your own Woolmark Key Account Manager to provide support in:


4. Tickets and labels

Our branded tickets and labels are attached directly to your products to assure your customer of the product quality. We have a preferred supplier of tickets and labels. Benefits of our preferred supplier:


5. Licensee portal

Once you become a Woolmark licensee you will have access to The Woolmark Company’s exclusive suite of content, including:

Become Woolmark-Certified

Complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss the next step for your business to become Certified.

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