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Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Official Sailing Team Uniform

Merino wool has been set to the test with the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team uniform, designed and developed for the 36th America’s Cup. These uniforms herald the emergence of a new breed of natural performance sailing wear outperforming the rest.

Moving away from uniforms made from synthetic fibres, the use of wool in the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team uniform offers a natural solution with reduced environmental impact.

Discover the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Uniform.

Official Sailing Team Jacket

Composition: 54% Merino wool, 46% polyester
Features: Waterproof membrane, up to 11 water columns.
Description: This water-proof jacket is a three-layer garment comprising 54% Australian Merino wool bonded with a waterproof membrane resistant to 11 water columns for extreme water resistance and full breathability. The Merino wool fabric enables greater thermal insulation from atmospheric agents and increases comfort.

Official Sailing Team Soft Shell Jacket

Composition: 62% merino wool, 30% polyester, 8% elastane
Features: Wool micro-pile and waterproof membrane layering construction
Description: The layering construction of this mid-outer layer soft shell jacket utilises Merino wool on the inside of the garment to provides thermal insulation and breathability whilst the waterproof membrane outer-layer ensures protection from the elements. By combining the Merino wool inner-layer with the waterproof outer-layer, the garment provides enhanced comfort in varying climactic conditions.

Official Sailing Team Blouson

Composition: 55% polyamide, 36% Merino wool, 9% elastane 
Features: Thermal insulation, breathable
Description: The three-layer fabric composition ensures maximum comfort and movement. The internal layer is wool blended with polyamide and elastane; the second layer a membrane bonded with the third layer of external polyamide which guarantees thermal insulation against atmospheric agents during the race.

Official Sailing Team Short Sleeve Polo

Composition: 100% Merino wool
Features: Lightweight, 100% biodegradable
Description: The short sleeve summer polo shirt is made of 100% Merino wool and is worn by the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli sailing team for both on and off-shore activities. The Merino wool piquet fabric weighs 140 grams and utilises Merino wool’s inherent moisture management qualities that enables the wearer to keep cool in hot situations and warm in wet and cold temperatures to avoid drastic body temperature changes and assuring comfort. The polo shirt is machine-washable.

Official Sailing Team Tech T-shirt

Composition: 55% polyester, 36% Merino wool, 9% elastane 
Features: Lightweight, breathable, thermal insulation
Description: The Tech T-shirt is made with a combination of Merino wool and a bio-based polyamide and elastane, knit with Br4® technology, an eco-sustainable patented production process limiting water and energy consumption by 20%. The bio-based polyamide is derived from a plant fibre, meaning it is renewable and 100% petroleum free. Combined with Merino wool, which is 100% renewable, natural and biodegradable, the resulting fabric has performance benefits of breathability, thermal insulation and moisture management as well as being sourced from renewable fibres.

Official Sailing Team Wet Jacket

Composition: 62% Merino wool, 30% polyester, 8% elastane
Features: Wind and water resistant, breathable, thermal insulation
Description: This extreme conditions wet jacket has an inner layer of 62% Merino wool bonded to the outer-layer of Neoprene to create a wind and water resistant jacket that protects the wearer in extreme conditions. The Merino wool enables high breathability and moisture absorption whilst providing thermal insulation for superior comfort and performance.  

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