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Product innovations

Wool Fill Alternative

Natural warmth with 25% less weight

Wool offers a natural alternative to traditional synthetics or down used in quilted garments, outdoor sleepwear or outerwear, providing natural wadding or filling for enhanced insulation.

Warmth without weight
Warmth without weight

Enhanced warmth without adding bulk, wool fill offers warmth with 25% less weight compared to polyester.

Odour resistant
Odour resistant

In contrast to synthetics, wool fabrics are naturally odour resistant.

Improved Insulation
Improved Insulation

In contrast to synthetics, wool is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature.


How it works

Wool Fill

Wool proves a natural and sustainable rival to synthetic filling and wadding alternatives.

Wool’s natural stretch and crimp creates insulating air pockets, offering superior protection from the cold. And because of the fibre’s breathability, it also creates a drier, more comfortable microclimate within garments.

Wool fill and wool wadding utilises wool’s lightweight, odour resistant and biodegradable properties, to create a superior insulation for jackets, bedding, blankets, insulation and interior design.

Wool wadding is created with layers of carded wool batts, that range from 85gsm to 250gsm depending on the insulation required, to replace polyester wadding. The innovation of wool filling replaces down or feathers with small wool balls called wool nepps or wool noils.

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Woolmark partners using wool fill


2019 International Woolmark prize winner Colovos developed a puffer jacket with 100% wool insulation rather than down feathers, and 90% wool outer fabric that’s totally traceable, as well as being water- and wind resistant. The garment’s construction also allows it to be hung and fastened over the shoulder when it gets warm, allowing the wearer to adapt to changing indoor and outdoor temperatures without losing arm freedom.