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Education Programs

Wool Appreciation Courses

The Woolmark Company’s Wool Appreciation Course is a free workshop offering insight into the production pipeline of Merino wool apparel – from fibre to garment – and details the unique benefits, performance and fabric attributes of wool and wool products. It answers the question "what is wool?", outlines the benefits and properties of wool and details the uses of wool.


Delivered by The Woolmark Company’s technical experts, the Wool Appreciation Courses can be tailor-made for individual companies and educational institutions, using a mixture of cross-media to provide simple and practical explanations of the various processing stages.

The course will help your company to communicate requirements to suppliers, improve the quality of product lines without adding cost, and provide customers with value and understanding of the advantages of wool.

Topics one to three below provide a clear understanding of the unique qualities and properties of Merino wool fibre, product types and basic steps of manufacturing.

Topics four to eight below are intended for an intermediate to advanced audience and cover processing steps required to deliver high quality Merino wool products with the desired visual, tactile and performance attributes.

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1. Introduction to Merino wool

2. Properties of Merino wool

3. Manufacturing Merino wool products

4. Colouration of Merino wool products

5. Finishing Merino wool products

6. Common production challenges - causes and solutions

7. Woolmark quality control


8. Product innovation

Lisa Griplas has more than ten years experience in the media and communications industry. A journalist by trade, she spent a number of years working at a daily newspaper before moving to The Woolmark Company to take up the role of Global Editor, a title she holds today.