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Easy-Iron Merino

Easy-iron Merino wool is an innovation which reduces the likelihood of creases in knitwear.

Easy-iron Merino uses a special TYCS setting technology which reduces the likelihood of creasing sometimes known as "crows footing" at the edges of fine gauge Merino wool knitwear.

The finish can also include a silicone polymer which reduces friction between the iron and the fabric surface.

The technology

The Easy-iron Merino finish is applied to knitted garments or fabrics during finishing either by spraying, dip-hydro or padding.

The features

  • Easy-iron convenience.
  • Less creasing during laundering. 
  • Safe and comfortable for the wearer. 
  • No effect on handle. 
  • Little or no effect on colour.

For further information about easy-iron Merino contact your local Woolmark Company office.