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Become a licensee

Become a Woolmark licensee for exclusive support within the wool industry.

If you have a product on which you would like to use the Woolmark, Woolmark Blend or Wool Blend logo, you may be eligible to become a licensee. Prior to gaining Woolmark certification products must meet or exceed the requirements of the relevant product specification. View the comprehensive set of Product Specifications which ensure Woolmark Quality Standards are maintained to see if your product qualifies.


1. Fill in the Application Form
If you have a product which you would like to have Woolmark, Woolmark Blend or Wool Blend certification apply to or you wish to enhance the quality of your product then complete the Potential Licensee Application Form (pdf 460Kb) and submit it to

We will require some background information regarding your company and products, to allow us to assess your licensing requirements and determine your licence fee level.

If you require any further information please email or contact your local office of The Woolmark Company.

2. Submit your products for acceptance testing
For a small, non-refundable application fee you will be asked to submit your products for acceptance testing in an independent testing laboratory to ensure they meet the quality standards set out in our Product Specifications. A Woolmark Company representative will contact you to arrange a visit to explain the Woolmark Licensing Program in more detail. Should your products fail to meet our standards we will advise you of the steps you need to make to improve product quality.

3. Receive your Woolmark licence membership
Following successful completion of product acceptance testing and payment of an annual licence fee, we will issue you with a unique licence number and certificate. We will also provide you with access to Woolmark tickets, labels and merchandising support material, which will enable you to make optimum use of the brand(s) to which you are licensed. A Woolmark licence allows you to use one of our logos as an independent quality endorsement on your products. Each of our three main brands - Woolmark, Woolmark Blend and Wool Blend - are licensed separately.


We can provide you with quality assurance advice on your products and will assist you to undertake ongoing quality testing you may require. Our brands have a strong global reputation as an independent quality assurance endorsement and we have a legal requirement to provide consumers with certainty that its brands are being used according to our specifications. As such we carry out spot checks on products labelled with our trademarks and take action to remove sub-standard or counterfeit products from the market.

For further information please email