Woolmark Licensee Resources

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The Woolmark, Woolmark Blend and Wool Blend brands and sub-brands are used to certify products in relation to fibre content, fitness for purpose, and performance in wear and care in order to ensure consumers’ expectations are met.

The Woolmark Brand 

The Woolmark brand is one of the world’s best known textile quality fibre brands, owned by Australian Wool Innovation and its affiliates.

The value of the Woolmark brand is well established the world over for wool products in the apparel, interior textiles and home laundry sectors. The Woolmark brand provides consumers with guaranteed fibre content and an assurance of quality.

The Woolmark brand is backed up by technical specifications for a wide range of wool products and wool care products. Stringent testing is carried out by independent authorised laboratories.

If you have a product which you would like to have Woolmark, Woolmark Blend or Wool Blend certification, apply to become a licensee today.

Trust the Woolmark logo

The Woolmark symbols or logos are not just brands, used for example for advertising purposes.

Products carrying these marks are subject to The Woolmark Company’s high quality standards, which are backed up by rigorous Woolmark test methods. The Woolmark Company has clearly defined product specifications, divided into product types.

Objective standards and quality control systems have been set up to ensure the Woolmark brands are used in a consistent way across the globe. The specifications and test methods are continually reviewed to ensure that they are consistent with current practice. This provides both the industry and consumers with peace of mind through quality assurance.