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Product innovations

Wool Face Masks

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant that non-medical face masks have become the norm for everyday life. Face masks made with Merino wool provide the wearer with a reusable face mask that is soft, hygienic, fashionable and natural alternative to synthetic face masks.


Benefits of wool face masks 

Soft on skin
Superfine Merino wool has superior softness and proven skin benefits when worn next-to-skin
Breathable and moisture regulating
Wool acts like a second skin, keeping your skin comfortable
Wool face masks can be hygienically washed and re-used

How it works

Wool Face Masks

There are numerous wool face masks that provide different functionality. Some wool face masks use superfine Merino wool for both the outer and inner next-to-skin layer for natural comfort and softness, whilst some use water resistant wool fabrics as a protective outer-layer.

For higher filtration, a natural fibre filter made with wool felt can be inserted between the inner and outer-layer of the mask.


Wool fabric innovations for face masks



Water resistant wool fabric

Densely woven wool fabrics using OptimTM spinning techniques are used as the outer-layer fabric of the face mask to provide water resistance, protecting the wearer from others coughing and sneezing.

Mask Filter

Wool felt

Non-woven wool felt is a natural alternative for face masks filters that offers high filtration protection. These wool felt filters have inherent moisture management functionality and at eventual end-of-use are biodegradable.


Superfine Merino wool

Using superfine Merino wool (<17.5 microns) next to skin has proven benefits. When worn next to the skin, superfine Merino wool works as a dynamic buffer, helping to stabilise the humidity levels and temperature of the micro-climate between the fabric and the skin, with the fabric being highly breathable.

Construction innovations for face masks

3-D knitted mask

Using a wool blend yarn and STOLL 3-D knitting technology wool face masks can be created on one machine, as one piece. This eliminates making-up stages of product, enables superior shape fitting and reduces yarn and fabric wastage. Filter insertion for higher protection is also possible with 3-D knitting.


KnitWarm SilverTech Face Mask

The Woolmark Company’s technical team has supported KnitWarm in the development of an innovative wool face mask.

The KnitWarm face mask uses a dense woven wool fabric on the outer surface, which provides natural water resistance to help protect the wearer from water droplets and splashes.

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This mask does not fulfil the surgical mask requirement for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency or Particle Filtration Efficiency.