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Seamless merino wool apparel

Acting like a second skin, seamless Merino wool apparel encourages greater structure diversity and comfort along with superior flexibility.

Body contouring
Acts like a second skin to support and protect the contours of the body without restricting movement and promoting flexibility.

Freedom to move
High levels of stretch and recovery for comfort during intense movements, allowing the garment to move with you yet return to its original shape.

Wool helps to regulate changes in body temperature and moisture levels. An active fibre, wool reacts to changes in the body's temperature helping keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

Odour resistant
In contrast to synthetics, Merino wool can absorb large amounts of moisture vapour which means less sweat on your body. Merino wool even absorbs and locks away the odour molecules from sweat, which are only released upon washing.

Minimises textile waste
Whole-garment technology eliminates the need for cut-and-sew, meaning you only use the amount of fabric required to construct a garment.

Seamless Merino Wool

How it works

Seamless knitting and flat-knit technology from Santoni, STOLL, Shima Seiki and Karl Mayer are revolutionising the use of Merino wool for seamless apparel and whole-garment constructions.

Traditionally, wool base-layer apparel was made by cut and sew production with limited possibilities for variety. Now, however, circular and flat-knitting technologies are being employed to manufacture not only next-to-skin base-layers, but an extensive range of mid- and outer-layer garments too in a seamless construction.

What’s so unique about seamless apparel is that it allows for a combination of different patterns and knit stitches in different colours on the one piece of fabric. By engineering a garment to have features such as compression and breathability points on a single surface, it allows for greater structure diversity and comfort along with functionality zones designed into the garment with the body in mind.

Leading sports brands across the world know all too well the importance of seamless knitting, particularly for high-performance sports apparel such as running, cycling and ski. They offer superior protection by making use of special compressed knitted structures that act as reinforced zones.

“The beauty and sophistication of this natural fibre means we can create styles with an unparalleled level of fineness and softness, creating innovative patterns and structures on a single finished fabric.”

Santoni Shanghai Marketing Director Leila Guo

The latest Merino yoga collection goes seam free

A new prototype collection developed by The Woolmark Company with knitting machine manufacturer Santoni and designed by innovative knitwear designer studio Studio Eva x Carola illustrates the full potential of Merino wool used in technical seamless performance apparel.

Through rigorous product development, a 10-piece collection was created which will now be shown at the world’s leading trade shows. Created in a vibrant colour palette, Woolmark x Santoni x Südwolle collection includes includes leggings, crop tops and bras, racer-back tank top and a T-shirt, all designed with performance in mind.

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