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Tracksmith delivers the best gear for your run commute

Your morning commute just got easier, with Tracksmith’s new Run Commute collection, taking you from run mode to relax without the need to change your clothes.

Helping you put your best foot forward, running brand Tracksmith launches its Run Commute collection, crafted from Australian Merino wool for a seamless and comfortable commute.

As an increasing number of people look to avoid public transport in the current climate, the idea of the Run Commute is growing in popularity, according to Trackmsith founder Matt Taylor.

So, in order to lighten your load and avoid packing a change of clothes, Tracksmith has created a carefully curated collection to help save you time, and by choosing Merino wool you’re also contributing to a plastic-free lifestyle and reducing your overall footprint. It’s win-win.

“Run commuting takes considered gear,” explains Taylor. “That’s why we’ve introduced our first-ever Run Commute Collection, featuring tailored staples for active transport made from Australian Merino wool and developed with support from The Woolmark Company.

Merino is the ideal material for a run commute: breathable and moisture wicking, with a sophisticated feel that won’t look out of place if you stop for coffee. It dries in a flash and won’t retain odours for the run home.”

Each piece from the Run Commute collection has been carefully designed, maximizing Merino wool’s performance benefits and combining these with versatility and the perfect blend of fashion and function, whilst ensuring each item is super soft and breathable against your skin. From shorts and tees, to jackets and pants - even down to the underwear you choose - this collection is your one-stop commute shop.

As nature’s original performance fibre, Merino wool is temperature regulating, moisture-wicking and has the ability to dry quickly while resisting odour, allowing runners to commute and remain in their gear or re-wear pieces for the return commute. These performance benefits have become something that runners of today increasingly demand, making Merino wool the go-to fibre for Tracksmith.