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The Merino Edit

세계에서 가장 편안한 울
세계에서 가장 편안한 울

사람의 머리카락보다 얇은 메리노 울은 캐시미어보다 부드러우며 아주 민감한 피부에도 편안합니다.

적은 에너지와 물 소비
적은 에너지와 물 소비

울은 100장의 스웨터를 생산하는 데 폴리에스터보다 18% 적은 에너지를 소비하고 면보다 약 70% 적은 물을 소비합니다.

NO 미세플라스틱 오염, 적은 쓰레기 매립
NO 미세플라스틱 오염, 적은 쓰레기 매립

울은 합성 섬유처럼 기름으로 구성되지 않고 케라틴으로 구성되어 있습니다. 울은 100% 생분해되므로 미세플라스틱으로 해양이나 육지를 오염시키지 않습니다.

Australian Brands

Shop Merino wool from the homegrown brands you know and love.

<p id="merino">100% MERINO ECO EDIT</p>


Detox your wardrobe from plastic and choose better quality, durable Merino wool pieces that are designed to last.


As natural as the sun, rain and snow, it helps you navigate in softness. Merino's unique fibre coating and breathability even keeps you smelling fresh like a daisy back at the car or camp.

Shop our edit of the best Merino wool socks for all activities

A pair of sweat-wicking Merino wool socks will transform your workout.

<p id="running">RUNNING</p>


Whether you're a trailblazer or urban racer, Merino running gear stays soft while it works to keep you cool and dry from the start till dark.

Shop the best Merino running gear

From sweat-wicking Merino wool T-shirts to wool running shoes - Merino wool has you covered from top to toe.


On the road, mountain or trail, Merino wool works hard to wick sweat, block moisture and breathe naturally.

Yoga & Lounge

Look after yourself and the environment while you stretch in sustainable Merino wool - one yoga pose at a time. Browse Merino wool yoga wear below.