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Fabric Swatch


From timeless versatility to lifestyle

Image: © Yasamine June

Fabric Swatch

The evolution of outwear is driven by the fusion of functionality and style. Transform traditional coats and jackets with inspiration from the dynamic nature of sportswear for versatile designs with longevity. From timeless patterns to soft and weightless options, explore outerwear influenced by the realm of sport.

Embracing the ethos of casualisation, reimagine outerwear through a contemporary lens to create adaptable garments for every occasion. Elevate practicality and focus on function with wool-rich fabrics and yarns that incorporate the benefits of the wool fibre from comfort to breathability, durability and more, for unparalleled performance and functionality for every wardrobe.

Key words: Timeless patterns; Soft and weightless; Sportswear derivation; Casualisation; Bonding.

Fibre’s blend: 100% Wool; Wool blend with other performing fibres; Wool blend with other noble fibres; Waterproof treatments.

Photo: © V T


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