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Wool terry loop back sweater

This sweater is constructed using terry loop jersey with 100% Merino wool, elevating a traditionally casual sweater into a functional and performing sports luxe item.

Warmth without weight
Enhanced warmth without adding bulk to the fabric also allows for an increased level of comfort.

Unique aesthetic
Soft looped backing allows for a ‘terry’ effect, constructed from 100% soft and breathable Merino wool.

Enhanced insulation
Wool's natural crimp creates lots of insulating air pockets, making it ideal for cold weather and the fibre's superior breathability maintains a dry condition within the air pockets thereby ensuring efficient insulation.

Naturally breathable
Merino wool is one of the most breathable fibres. Wool fibres can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour then move it away to evaporate into the air.

Wool terry loop jersey


This sweater pioneers as one of the only true 100% Merino wool jersey sweatshirts available in market, knitted in comfortable terry loop wool jersey. Fluffy loop structure yarns inside the knit adds moisture management and thermal insulation through air pockets, keeping the wearer dry and warm.

The relaxed silhouette coupled with this slightly stretchy knit allows for a comfortable and lightweight garment, that has been finished to be machine washable. Marback Tricot is a specialised knitter based in Sweden/Estonia, supplying multiple brands in Northern Europe.