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Create a range of designs with seamless knitting technology and combine stitches, structures, yarns and colours in a single piece of fabric.

Minimises textile waste
Minimises textile waste

Seamless knitting technology creates apparel almost free of seams with minimal textile wastage.

Infinite potential
Infinite potential

Seamless knitting technology can combine stitches, structures, yarns and colours in a single piece of fabric.

High performance
High performance

Seamless textiles can be engineered for unparalleled performance attributes in sportswear.

Seamless garment technology, introduced during the 1990s, is increasingly being incorporated into both circular and with CAD compatibility. This is extending the opportunities for fine wool yarns in the activewear and outdoor market segments.

From footwear to high-end fashion or medical shapewear, seamless knitting technology is now evolving in its applications, entering high performance sportswear and intimate apparel. The opportunities are endless.

How it works

Seamless Technology

Seamless knitting technology is unique in its ability to combine different patterns and knit stitches, in different colours, into a single piece of fabric. The technology can engineer a garment to have features such as compression and breathability points on a single surface, which encourages greater structure diversity and comfort, along with enhanced protection and reduced product failure compared with seamed garments. The technology also introduces intricate and interesting patterns that contour the body.

Woolmark partners using seamless garment technology


The Woolmark Company partnered with Santoni and Südwolle to create three capsule collections designed by innovative knitwear design studio Studio Eva x Carola - using Santoni’s state-of-the-art circular seamless knitting machines and Merino wool yarn from the Südwolle Group.


Realising the full potential of Merino wool, circular seamless knitting machines create seamless yoga apparel for ultimate comfort, breathability, natural elasticity and odour resistance. Explore the possibilities of Merino wool and circular seamless knitting with Santoni and Studio Eva x Carola’s technical seamless performance apparel.


Combining Merino wool with the latest circular seamless knitting technology creates garments with superior comfort, durability and performance for modern cyclists. Discover innovative cycling garments developed by Studio Eva x Carola with Südwolle Group Merino wool yarns knitted on a Santoni knitting machine.


From fine gauge lingerie to bodysuits, base-layers and more, circular knitting with Merino wool creates a range of intimate apparel that can be produced in a variety of colours and designs. In collaboration with Santoni, Merino wool and circular knitting machines can produce comfortable and versatile intimate apparel that is soft, lightweight and supportive with compression structures, ribbing and shapewear capabilities.

American intimates brand, Au Natural, paired Merino wool with the latest seamless knitting machine technology to create jacquard lace-inspired underwear with the ultimate in comfort and premium design. The partnership between Au Natural and The Woolmark Company’s expert technical team developed underwear with superior softness and comfort, supported by research and development with leading spinner, Südwolle, and innovative knit design studio, Studio Eva x Carola.

Offering unrivalled next-to-skin softness, durability and breathability, Au Natural’s seamless jacquard lace-inspired underwear are the first Woolmark-certified underwear in the US, guaranteeing quality assurance.

Contact our technical team for more information on seamless knitting technologies.

Contact our technical team for more information on seamless knitting technologies.

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