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The Wool Lab Uniformal: three runners running along a track

A reinterpretation of the work world into everyday dressing, which can take on a more elegant or casual connotation, depending on the outfit construction and the blends used. A desire for rejection of the power suit and of the expression of the “too” formal everyday uniform. Inspiration comes from workwear and work clothes, for a contemporary new business class.

A set of cotton-inspired 3D weaves, heavy Oxfords, moulinés, and fabrics with more technical characteristics and treatments, but reinterpreted with wool giving a more elegant, refined and precise look.

Utility wear
From neutrals to khaki shades
Compact weaves
Informal jacketing
Wool shirting
Lightweight knitwear and jerseys
Wool blend with Natural fibres
Biodegradable blends
Fluid structures

Image credit: The Locals © Søren Jepsen

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