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Snow crash

Inspired by the science fiction novel Snow Crash by author Neal Stephenson in which he coined the term metaverse, the Wool Lab explores a merging of the virtual, augmented and physical reality, blurring the line between online and real life. Enabling users to create personalised avatars to interact with the metaverse, this leap in our relationship to technology is bound to influence the function and importance of aesthetics in both physical and digital realities.

Inspired by the metaverse, wool evolves alongside the crossover of the digital and the real. In anticipation of future technological developments, wool celebrates the shift towards technologically inspired taste characterised through innovative expressions. With aesthetics at the forefront, metaverse inspired wool is expressed through complex jacquard sweaters and bold palettes of neon for powerful visual impact. Revisiting classics with new techniques, unexpected blends and superimpositions of weight, wool gives a glimpse into how the future of a blended reality may look.

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