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Jac+jack’s wool washing guide

Wool boasts numerous qualities – its breathability, resilience and biodegradability, to name a few – that have made it the most superior fibre for apparel throughout the ages. But in helping to expand the lifespan of your clothes, Australian knitwear label Jac+ Jack has produced an easy-to-follow video to help guide you through these timeless wardrobe questions.

Jac+Jack presents How to Wash Wool

Jac+Jack co-founder and design director Jacqueline Hunt says the video elevates the everyday task of washing clothing, shot with an elegance that reflects the quality and luxurious nature of wool. “We wanted to reinvent the idea of a knitwear care video, make it stylish, informative and a little bit cheeky - entertaining to watch but at the same time delivering a comprehensive lesson on how to care for your favourite knits.”

Directed by LA based filmmaker Aaron Rose, How to Wash Wool uses engaging visuals and light-hearted commentary to weave a humorous narrative, accessible to a wide audience of women and men. Drawing inspiration from BBC documentarian Adam Curtis’ use of imagery, music and story, Rose pieces together historical events to present an implausible yet possible series of facts tying in the step-by-step process of cleaning woollen garments.

Whilst woollen knitwear is generally low maintenance, requiring only an occasional wash between airings, Hunt says that repeating gentle washing will help retain the garments natural softness. “There is something beautiful in reviving a knit you love to wear – the clothes live on and continue to be worn. Natural fibres like wool and cashmere come back like new and it means nothing is wasted, you really are investing in a piece that will last for years and years,” said Hunt.

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