The Woolmark Company has launched The Wool Lab Interiors - a guide to the best wool textiles and to the most interesting and innovative applications of wool in the furnishing and interior textile sectors.

The core of the project conceived by The Woolmark Company for the design sector is The Wool Lab Interiors, a laboratory for research and for the processing of wool-related macro-trends.

The Wool Lab Interiors follows on from the success of the apparel editions and doubles as both an inspirational trend book and a practical work tool.

Click here to discover the five inspirational themes presented in the inaugural edition, and for more more information please contact your local Woolmark office.

Wool-rich upholsteries, carpets and other liveable textiles have the ability to bounce back from the most rigorous wear and tear as well as withstand and even shed grime thanks to the innovation of the natural fibre. This means home interiors stay ‘as new’ for much longer than other fabrics.

In addition to its superior warmth and comfort wool is one of the safest fibres to have in the home. The composition of wool has a naturally high resistance to flame and heat. It also breathes well, averts dampness and adverse temperatures.

Woolmark and Woolmark Blend furnishing fabrics and carpeting excels in terms of shelf-life, appearance retention and safety.

The benefits of liveable wool also extend to the bedroom. Woolmark bedding locks in the fibre’s natural vapour management process, providing a more consistent sleeping temperature and a moisture-inhibiting environment, whichever the season. Wool’s natural anti-bacterial properties also minimise allergens. What’s more, wool-based interiors are easy to clean. Wool carpeting rejects soiling, making vacuuming all the more effective and, where specified, Woolmark bedding is easily machine-washable. 

Woolmark guarantees fibre content and has provided quality assurance for more than four decades and it is an ongoing process. We are committed to strengthening consumer confidence and trust on more than 500 million new products each year.

The Interior Textiles Division of The Woolmark Company specialises in building demand for the Australian wool fibre through the development and marketing of Woolmark and Woolmark Blend superior interior textile products.

Throughout decades of research, development and marketing we have taken Australian wool to its rightful place as one of the world’s most versatile, practical and best-loved natural fibres - a fibre that is unparalleled when manufactured into affordable, sophisticated products with high performance qualities.