Weekly Wool Prices

Week Ending January 23 (Week 30)

23 January 2015

Australian wool markets tracked to a similar course this week with the finest and broadest end of the national clip in good demand. The mid micron (20 to 26 micron) sectors in both Merino and Crossbred remained slightly out of favour and dipped slightly. Significant gains in better superfine Merino fleece types were witnessed, albeit on just a small section of the market. Rises of over 100ac/clean kg for some sale lots in the 17 to 18.5 micron Merino fleece area were the standout improvements for the series. The EMI (Eastern Market Indicator) reflected these opposing trends, and once again drifted 3ac/clean kg lower to a closing level of 1051ac/clean kg.

Click here to access AWI's Wool Market Weekly Report (pdf 413Kb).