Weekly Wool Prices

Week Ending 24 June (Week 52)

24 June 2016

teadily rising price levels were the feature at Australian wool auction markets this week. A very small offering of just  over 22,000 bales was eventually offered to the trade with just the two Eastern centres in operation. Prices were impeded from registering much stronger gains by the ever strengthening Australian dollar against the US Dollar . As a result, some price resistance was being reported, as overseas buyers appeared to be faltering in their intent to follow the market up. The EMI (Eastern market indicator) snubbed this negativity and  progressed by 3ac each day to gain 6ac for the week and conclude at 1285ac/clean kg. When the EMI is measured in US dollars though, a far more impressive 2.4% gain was recorded to see the USD EMI finish the week trading 23usc/clean kg higher at 968usc/clean kg.

Click here to access AWI's Wool Weekly Market Report (PDF 649KB)