Weekly Wool Prices

Week Ending 1 December (Week 22)

1 December 2017

The cheaper market seen at Australian wool auctions last week has failed to turn into a trend, with the market rebounding nicely this week. All Merino types have either stabilised around their established values or increased in price to varying degrees. Crossbred wools showed some signs of stability but some minor losses were recorded for the week. The carding segment of the offering has maintained its strong levels and traded mostly firm unchanged throughout on an indicator level across all types in that sector, even though some pluses and minuses were evident in specific types.

The AWEX EMI (Australian Wool Exchange - Eastern Market Indica-tor) re-joined the positive trajectory it has been on and added 7ac clean/kg to close the week’s selling at 1676ac clean/kg. In USD the EMI lost just a single US cent to 1271 usc clean/kg, with the rise in the local market negated by the 0.5% loss in value of the AUD for the week on week comparison.

Click here to access AWI's Wool Weekly Market Report (PDF 900 KB)