XINAO opens a new Knitwear Development Centre

19 September 2016

Knitwear manufacturing giant Xinao has opened an innovative Knitwear Development Centre in China to meet the demands of tomorrow’s global consumer.

XINAO Development Centre

Zhejiang Xinao Textiles Inc (Xinao), one of the world’s leading worsted spinners of wool, producing machine knitting yarns for the sweater, sports/outdoor, underwear and sock industries has opened a new Knitwear Development Centre. The Knitwear Development Centre (KDC) is located adjacent to the XInao’s new headquarters located in the town of Chongfu, close to the city of TongXiang in Zhejiang province, China.

The Knitwear Development Centre is a result of close cooperation with The Woolmark Company along with other strategic partners from the design, textile machinery, textile chemicals industries, textile universities and leading knitwear companies.

XINAO Development Centre

The Knitwear Development Centre comprises three main sections: a Research and Development unit, which houses laboratories and small scale processing machinery in order to conduct experimental trials; a training and education department containing a 100-seat lecture theatre devoted to training future textile technologists, designers and engineers; and fully equipped textile testing laboratories in order to support the Research and Development unit, provide hands-on training for students, as well as maintaining the high degree of quality which Xinao have become renowned for.

“Over the past couple of decades, Xinao has been very successful and has grown tremendously, but now it has reached a junction in its progression,” explained Xinao CEO Mr Zhou Xiaotian during the centre’s official opening. “We believe that the way forward for the next decade lies with Innovation.

XINAO Development Centre

“Innovation is needed to develop new processes and products to meet the demands and requirements of tomorrow global consumer. So this is why we made the decision to invest in Research and Development coupled with Training and Education to ensure that the success of Xinao will continue.”

The operation and activities of the Knitwear Development Centre will be overseen and guided by an advisory board. The advisory board comprises of both international and Chinese experts, who have wide experience in a range of fields such as design, knitwear manufacturing, spinning, finishing, processing machinery and textile chemistry and dyeing.

The Knitwear Development Centre was officially opened on September 2 2016, by The Woolmark Company director Wal Merriman and Xinao chairman and Mr Shen Jianhua.