Woolrich and The Woolmark Company celebrate tradition and future of wool

3 November 2016

The Woolmark Company has partnered with iconic brand Woolrich to celebrate the tradition and innovative future of wool with a photo exhibition shot by acclaimed photographer Jackie Nickerson.

Celebrating the tradition and the future of wool, Woolrich John Rich & Bros and The Woolmark Company have partnered to showcase The Woolrich Mill: tradition and future of wool photo exhibition. Aligned with the launch of the new Merino Wool Arctic Parka for Autumn/Winter 2016, the Jackie Nickerson photo exhibition will be exhibited in Woolrich’s flagship stores, detailing the journey to the oldest vertical woollen mills in the United States, from the machineries and looms, to the historical archives.

A key highlight of the collaboration between Woolrich and The Woolmark Company is the special edition of the iconic arctic parka, made from wool. Available now, the Merino Wool Arctic Parka has been made using Loro Piana’s innovative 100% Merino Storm System® fabric that guarantees high performance and quality, providing a perfect example of the natural characteristics of Merino wool. Storm System® consists of a double barrier: the water-repellent Rain System®, and the exclusive hydrophilic membrane that is resistant to water, is windproof and allows the skin to breathe. Woolrich favours Merino wool not only for its protective benefits, but even more so for its innate breathability, resilience, softness and elasticity, making not only warm garments, but high performance clothing too.

Wool has been in the DNA of iconic American brand Woolrich for more than a century. It all began in 1830 with a woollen mill in Pennsylvania and this mill has now become the oldest manufacturing company still in business in the USA. The company originally created wool products for the outdoors and for American field work, having recognised the technical and thermal performance attributes that are natural to wool.

The Woolrich John Rich & Bros brand today has grown across Europe and Japan, with the company now combining the brand’s historical identity with a contemporary interpretation of iconic Americana, incorporating worldwide design influences and a sophisticated take on outdoor and utilitarian style.

The photo exhibition of the historic Pennsylvania wool mill will première at the WP store in Milan on Thursday 3 November, after which it will move to the flagship stores in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo. Throughout November, the boutiques will fully experience the versatility of Merino wool.