Woolmark launches Hemisphere at Liberty Fairs LV

28 February 2014

The Woolmark Company and British fashion designer Timothy Everest have collaborated to launch a wool-based collection called ‘Hemisphere’ at the influential Liberty Fairs trade show in the USA.

Timothy Everest at the launch of his Hemisphere collection at the Liberty Fairs trade show
Timothy Everest at the launch of his Hemisphere collection at the Liberty Fairs trade show.

The 11-look collection takes wool out of its usual comfort zone and places it firmly at the centre of a modern, urban lifestyle, fitting into The Woolmark Company's new contemporary category.

“The collaboration with The Woolmark Company had us looking at creating a collection from wool and getting people to be a little bit surprised about what you could do with wool and how you can actually wear it,” Everest said.

Hemisphere draws on Everest’s tailoring heritage but repurposes it, using innovative wool-based fabrics that connect with today’s international casual style. What's been created is a collection which is imaginative, original and most of all one which will resonate with a global contemporary audience.

“Wool’s carving out a whole new future for itself. Exciting new innovations and a fresh approach make it the perfect lifestyle choice for today’s international casual crowd.”

Launching at Liberty fairs Las Vegas, the collection provided fair visitors with invaluable insights into the versatility of wool, showcasing the fibre in an urban and casual, yet tailored, way.

“Liberty Fairs for me was a huge success, with brands and retailers given a unique insight into how wool can be a contemporary and viable choice for their collections and customers,” Everest said.

“In having shown attendees the fibre within a finished fashion-forward collection, it made it easier for visitors to see and understand first-hand how contemporary wool can be not to mention its many applications.

“The response was really exciting, with many of those who visited the exhibition stand thoroughly inspired about what wool could potentially offer them. Many of those in attendance were keen to connect further with The Woolmark Company to see how they could also directly benefit from both a sourcing and support aspect. I was overall very impressed with the calibre of visitors to the event, ranging from a global press core to leading retailers and brands.”