Woolmark Hong Kong licensees visit ticketing factory and testing laboratory

4 May 2012

The Woolmark Compay licensees in Hong Kong recently had the opportunity to experience a behind the scenes tour of two factories integral to The Woolmark Company’s licensee activities.

A group of Woolmark licensees watching the label finishing process at SML, Hong Kong
A group of Woolmark licensees watching the label finishing process at SML, Hong Kong.

On April 25, 2012, 22 delegates from nine companies visited SML, The Woolmark Company’s ticket and label supplier, and GTT- Guangzhou Fibre Product Testing Institute, a Woolmark-authorised testing laboratory. The visit, led by staff from The Woolmark Company’s Hong Kong office, Alex Lai, Ella Tong and Daniel Chan, provided a hands-on experience of the added value that Woolmark licenses provide.

The group observed the production of The Woolmark Company's tickets and labels, used on product to signify compliance with Woolmark testing standards. SML, a global apparel branding and packaging company, has produced the labels since 2010 when an overhaul of The Woolmark Company ticket and labelling system was carried out to provide a fresh design, new colour palette and eco-friendly paper stock, plus added security and a more efficient ordering process. All tickets and labels align with The Woolmark Brand and comply with labelling laws internationally.

The Woolmark Company tickets use state-of-the-art ‘hidden image’ technology to ensure authenticity.

“When a special plastic credit-card-size reader is laid over an authentic swing ticket, it allows a hidden image to become visible,” The Woolmark Company’s Global Business Development acting general manager Kirsten Berg said. “This technology provides consumers and licensees alike with peace of mind regarding the authenticity of Woolmark branded product.”

The Woolmark Company carries out an ongoing program of monitoring authenticity with a number of ‘readers’ issued to AWI staff, business partners and other regulators to carry out checks globally.

GTT is one of a number of laboratories globally which test wool product against Woolmark specifications, to enable the product to carry the Woolmark logo. The standards are set at a high level to maximise consumer satisfaction, in turn reducing the risk of product being returned. The visit to GTT allowed the delegates to experience the testing process their product must comply with. While visiting the laboratory, the delegates were given a presentation by the company and The Woolmark Company staff, to explain the process in detail.

Product testing and Woolmark tickets and labels are just two of a range of services available to Woolmark licensees aimed at adding value to their business. Additional benefits include: marketing support, introductions to suitable supply chain partners and product development initiatives.

The licensees involved in the visit were: Nameson Group, South Ocean Group, Crystal Group, Mintilex Knitting Ltd., Laws Group, Milo’s Group, South Pacific Knitting Ltd., Dong Guan Ye Ji Industrial Co. Ltd. and Come Base Knitting Ltd.

They were very interested in The Woolmark Company’s label and ticket manufacturing process and also the laboratory testing.

“This is a good opportunity for us to understand the actual production process of the Woolmark label and tickets at SML,” said Mr Kim Choy, the manager of Mintilex Knitters Ltd.

“The factory and laboratory visits are helpful and informative for our merchandising team. Certainly I would recommend my colleagues to join to this kind of delegation from Woolmark in future,” said Mr Ernest Lee, the manager of Laws Group.