'Wool modern' exhibition opens in Seoul

20 November 2013

The Wool Modern exhibition, as part of the global Campaign for Wool, yesterday opened in Ara Art Centre in Seoul. The exhibition celebrates wool under the limelight of the 21st century through the world's most sought-after designers' innovative fashion and artistic works. The exhibition will open to the public from November 19 - 25.

The ‘Wool Modern’ exhibition celebrates a 21st Century interpretation of wool via the world’s leading designers and artists as part of the global Campaign for Wool
The ‘Wool Modern’ exhibition celebrates a 21st Century interpretation of wool via the world’s leading designers and artists as part of the global Campaign for Wool.

The opening event, which started off with congratulatory remarks by the UK Ambassador to Korea Scott Wightman along with VIP guests including Cy Choi, Hwajin Oh and Design Methods as well as foreign designers Camilla and Marc, Angela Wright and Nick Gray all of whom expressed high expectations for the opening of Wool Modern.

The Campaign for Wool, under the patronage of HRH The Prince of Wales, aims to attract consumers' interests in wool, and in doing so promotes the global wool industry. The campaign officially began in 2010 with a launch event that saw London's iconic tailoring street Savile Row transformed into a pasture with grazing sheep. A key element of the Campaign for Wool is Wool Week, which promotes the campaign's credo "Live naturally, choose wool", through the promotion of education and exhibition programs with fashion brands across the world. Involving all the players in the wool industry, ranging from local farms to world-famous brands and designers, the campaign has made positive changes in people's recognition of wool. The Woolmark Company is one of the major funding partners which have helped the campaign enjoy great success as it continues to be rolled out across lucrative markets throughout the world.

Designer Kuho Jung, who has actively used wool for his pieces, made a structural silhouette, titled Talpi, by connecting ready-made jackets together. He also showcases the delicate Korean aesthetics with traditional Dangukhwa, Bosanghwa and Baekilhong flower patterns printed on the fabric. Giha Woo & Hyukseok Kang, a promising industrial designer working in the UK, interpreted the biodegradability and sustainability of wool into clocks, multi tabs and radios seen in our daily lives under the theme of "Fabric.ation".

Peter Ackroyd MBE, President of the International Wool Textile Organisation commented, "The Woolmark Company leads the way globally in Merino wool innovation. The Wool Modern exhibition has been incredibly successful in encouraging design talent to think freely on what can be achieved with wool in all its guises. The resulting works from the participating Korean artists such as J.J S Lee and Hwajin Oh are really very special."

Wool Modern Korea includes educational talks for college students studying fashion, textile and industrial design. Designers Kuho Jung and HwaJin Oh and exhibition curator Charlotte Lurot will present production techniques and processes using wool. The talks will be held on November 21 and 22.

In addition to the Wool Modern exhibition, the retail campaign activities will be collaborated with Lotte Department store, fashion brand Daks, Barbour, John Smedley and Wolsey.

The Woolmark Company would also like to thank all the sponsors of Wool Modern - The British Embassy in Seoul, Australian Embassy in Seoul, Azetech WB, GS eshop, Korean Fashion Council, Korea Wool Industry Association and Ara Art Centre.

About Campaign For Wool and Wool Modern

The Campaign for Wool is a cross-industry initiative convened by HRH The Prince of Wales in January 2010. As a serious environmentalist, HRH The Prince of Wales believes the natural, sustainable origin and highly technical structure of wool can offer fashion, interiors and the built environment many superior benefits. Choosing real wool - as the patron understands - will also help to care for our planet. The combined efforts of the leading wool organisations, industry associations and the textile industry across the world has created a campaign to promote the wonderful properties that wool offers to textiles and in doing so, help to support sheep farming as an industry and the textile community internationally.

Wool Modern is a touring exhibition curated by Charlotte Lurot and part of the Campaign for Wool that was first held in London in 2011, before moving to Berlin in the same year, and subsequently continuing to Sydney in 2012 before reaching Shanghai in October 2012 and is now being held in Seoul.

Internationally-recognised Korean master designers and promising young talents who are active on the European and global stages specially produced their wool pieces for the exhibition - Moonyounghee, Kuho Jung, Juun.J, Wooyoungmi, Eudon Choi, Cy Choi, Hwajin Oh, Design Methods, The Zoom, KamKam, Giha Woo & Hyunseok Kang. In total 68 pieces including those by the worldwide designers are shown in the exhibition.

Nicholas Coleridge CBE, Chairman of the Campaign for Wool commented, "Since the Campaign for Wool launched Wool Modern in London in September 2011 the exhibition has dazzled fashion and design lovers around the world with its take on the possibilities of wool. It is therefore only fitting that after a successful roll out in Sydney, Germany and China, Wool Modern opens in a city such as Seoul which is emerging as a real hotbed of creative talent."