Wool Masters open Dutch Wool Week

9 November 2012

The inaugural Dutch Wool Week was held November 5 to 9 and officially started with the opening of the 21 Wool Masters exhibition, which saw 21 leading Dutch fashion and design creatives show their unique woollen creations at Hotel Droog.


During the opening of the '21 Wool Masters' exhibition that started the first Dutch Wool Week, twenty one leading Dutch designers showed their unique Woollen creations.

Part of the Campaign for Wool, Wool Week in the Netherlands played host to various activities held throughout Amsterdam to inform the people of the unique properties of wool.

The 21 Dutch Wool Masters use their unique designs to show that the resilient, natural product not only has a unique history in the fashion and design world, but also has a very promising future. The woollen creations are luxurious and fashionable, while also possessing the unique properties that made wool a commonly used material in the fashion and design industry for centuries.

"World famous designs show the vast diversity of wool" says Wool Week ambassador Frans Ankoné, who is a curator of the '21 Wool Masters' exhibition together with Creative Project Manager Martijn Nekoui.

"Fashion for men and women, classic and urban, by established designs and by young talent. Wool is being used everywhere and by everyone."

More than 350 years ago sampling officials tested woollen fabrics at Hotel Droog. It was these craftsmen who specialised in wool - the fashion designers of old – who created clothing.

"The opening exhibition of the Dutch Wool Week shows the diversity of our fashion industry and the unlimited possibilities of wool," says Nekoui.

"This at a location where in the seventeenth century woollen sheets were tested and where Hotel Droog now created a cultural centre."

The fibre of the future

The Campaign for Wool is an initiative encompassing multiple industries aimed at showing the diversity and special qualities of the natural wool fibre to the world. More and more international fashion designers, interior designers and consumers are discovering that fleece is excellent for manufacturing luxurious and comfortable products. The wool fibre is natural and durable, light and breathable, water and stain repelling, warm in the winter and cool in the summer.