Training seminars in Taiwan reach out to trade

26 November 2012

Senior education and training manager for The Woolmark Company Hong Kong Linus Wu, along with key account manager for The Woolmark Company Taiwan Lillian Chiang, conducted a series of training seminars targeting the textile trade.

Seminars were conducted across a range of industry sectors, including the Laundry Business Association; a seminar at the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show (TITAS) with a focus on Merino PerformTM; and another which spoke to  interior textile Woolmark licensees about the scientific credentials of wool.

Laundry Business Association

The Taiwan National Laundry Business Association – which is made up of more than 20,000 companies across Taiwan – played host to The Woolmark Company presenting information on apparel care.

Linus Wu from The Woolamrk Company Hong Kong speaks to members
of the Taiwan National Laundry Business Association.

“We had more than 60 representatives attend our presentation, including directors, hotel laundry department managers, laundry company presidents as well as professors and students from the textile department of the Oriental Institute of Technology,” Ms Chiang said.

“The seminar covered pilling issues and caring for your Merino wool products including an increasing number of machine washable items. According to the Chief Executive Co-ordinator from the Laundry Association all of those in attendance said the seminar helped them further understand the attributes of wool and how to handle what they cited as their biggest problem: shrinkage issues of untreated wool.”

Da Bai He International Ltd does the laundry for more than 200 restaurants and hotels every day. Company president, Mr Wang, said he found the information extremely useful.

“I would like to co-ordinate with the Laundry Association to have a series of training courses for the professional laundry stores,” Mr Wang said.

“We would also like to have more presentations about Merino wool in the near future.”

Echoing these sentiments, laundry department manager from the Sherwood Hotel Mr Ho said his company had very high standards for the Sherwood laundry department, since consumers were paying a higher price for washing a garment at a hotel.

“I found this seminar very beneficial for the Sherwood Hotel to maintain a high quality and top-range equipment,” Mr Ho said.

“The information about wool was very helpful and I will pass this on to all of my colleagues. We would also like to attend future seminars delivered by The Woolmark Company.”

Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show

At Taiwan’s only professional textile trade show, TITAS, there was a large focus on functional textile for apparel, upholstery and industrial uses, recycled and sustainable textiles and trend forecasting for Autumn/Winter 2013/14.

Merino PerformTM was a major focus at the TITAS trade show.

“The presentation at TITAS was in collaboration with the Taiwan Textile Industry Association which is made up of the main companies within the wool industry, from spinners, weavers and top makers right through to garment makers. About 60 people attended Linus’ presentation including designers and general managers from the textile industry,” Ms Chiang said.

Merino PerformTM was a major focus of the presentation, with Ms Chiang saying there have been numerous requests for the suppliers of Merino PerformTM.

“We also made contact with potential licensees and according to a questionnaire after the presentation 95 per cent of those present found all the information extremely helpful.”

Wool bedding

The third seminar targeted interior textile Woolmark licensees and reached out to presidents, vice-general managers, managers and marketing representatives from the licensees.

With a focus on wool bedding and Woolmark tickets, The Woolmark Company learned there was an increasing desire for more promotional activities surrounding wool in bedding.

“We also presented findings from a sleep study conducted by The Woolmark Company, which shows there appears to be strong evidence showing those who sleep on or under wool have a better quality of sleep,” Ms Chiang said.

Enhancing the knowledge of those who work within the wool industry plays a pivotal part in the role of The Woolmark Company. Education and training such as the seminars held in Taiwan ensure that all those involved within the wool industry are kept up-to-date with the latest innovations as well information about Woolmark brands and Woolmark tickets and labels.