Timothy Everest collaborates with The Woolmark Company

17 February 2014

The Woolmark Company has collaborated with internationally renowned contemporary British tailor and fashion designer Timothy Everest to launch a wool-based collection, Hemisphere. Comprising eight men's looks and three women's, Hemisphere showcases Merino wool's natural versatility, bringing the fibre to the street to contrast and complement its traditional looks and cuts.

Men's Look 3: The Suit
Men's Look 3: 'The Suit' - A modern take on the traditional suit. Teaming workwear details with bespoke, tailoring finishes and worn with a contrast placket shirt instead of a tie.

Hemisphere will be on show for the first time at US men’s contemporary trade show, Liberty Fair Las Vegas, February 17-19.

The collaboration is in line with The Woolmark Company's aim of introducing different designers to the infinite potential of Merino wool and is an organic extension of the work already undertaken with other leading designers such as Alexander Wang and Narciso Rodriguez.

Together, Everest and The Woolmark Company are taking wool to the heart of today's urban mix and place it firmly at the centre of modern, urban lifestyle.

Hemisphere draws on Everest's tailoring heritage and uses innovative wool-based fabrics that connect with today's international casual style. What has been created is a collection which is imaginative, original and most of all one which will resonate with a global contemporary audience.

Everest, who learned his tailoring skills in London's Savile Row and who is at the forefront of the "bespoke casual" movement says, "The collaboration with Woolmark made us think about creating a collection that would surprise people about what you could do with wool. We wanted the collection to be internationally casual. It's for people who are living the urban life; they might be jumping on a bike, on the train, or who could be on a plane."

Two key looks within the Hemisphere collection make use of a wool denim fabric. The men's one-piece suit uses an indigo blue wool denim fabric, with Everest drawing inspiration from the boiler suits worn by the Bauhaus movement. Everest has also crafted a key women's look from wool denim, designing a ¾ length culotte, teamed with a bright sulphur yellow cowl-back neck top hand-knitted from Merino wool.

Stuart McCullough, CEO of Australian Wool Innovation, parent entity of The Woolmark Company, says the company's presence at Liberty is not only a way to highlight wool's versatility, but also a means to change public misconceptions of the fibre.

"We want to highlight wool as a fibre for the every day. Merino wool is well-placed to resonate with the lifestyle choices of today's contemporary generation - often placing greater expectations on the eco-credentials, integrity and authenticity in the products they buy. The collection combines the rich heritage of wool with contemporary culture."

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About Timothy Everest

Timothy Everest, MBE, is a Welsh bespoke tailor and designer who has dressed some of the world's most famous people. Born in Haverfordwest, Wales, he moved to London in his early twenties to work with innovative Savile Row tailor Tommy Nutter, where he learned the art of bespoke. Everest was one of the leaders of the New Bespoke Movement, which brought designer attitudes to the traditional skills of Savile Row tailoring.

Everest has been running his own tailoring business in the East End of London since 1989. Based at his Spitalfields atelier since 1993, he opened a West End store off Bond Street, near Savile Row, in 2008. Everest is at the forefront of the bespoke casual movement.

About Liberty Fair Las Vegas

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