The Woolmark Company sets social media world record

8 August 2012

During its 48 years serving the Australian wool industry, The Woolmark Company has reached many milestones. Now, it has achieved one of the most unusual milestones in its long history, setting a Recordsetter world record for the World’s Longest Social Scarf.

Wrapped in MerinoThe ‘Wrapped in Merino’ campaign, which ran on Facebook and as a microsite, connects people in social media as they collaboratively design a giant virtual scarf. Each participant creates their own section of the scarf, adding their photo and customising the scarf design, before sharing it with their friends through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

16,460 social media users, and wool lovers, worldwide participated in the two-month campaign.

‘Wrapped in Merino’ follows on from the hugely successful ‘Find Fashion by Feelings’ campaign and has added to the popularity and interaction of both the We Love Wool and Woolmark Facebook communities.

“This campaign is another step forward for us in connecting people with wool through social media,” explains Rob Langtry, The Woolmark Company’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer.

“We are seeing great organic growth and interaction in our social media communities, and campaigns like these deliver us a great spike of engagement.”