The Woolmark Company presents innovations in wool at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics

16 October 2014

The Woolmark Company is exhibiting at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics trade fair October 20 to 23, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Woolmark brand as well as showcasing the latest innovations in wool and The Wool Lab Autumn/Winter 2015/16. Also on exhibit will be all the entrant and winning fabrics of the inaugural Australian Merino Wool Best of China Wool Awards 2014, which will be held Sunday October 19. The Woolmark Company can be found at Stand EA106.

The Wool Lab Autumn Winter 2015 / 2016 Bag2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Woolmark brand and sees The Woolmark Company continuing to nurture and develop close relationships within the global textile and fashion industries. As The Woolmark Company looks to the future, it is looking to capitalise on the growing trend towards casualisation, which the fibre is well placed to address. New Merino wool fabric innovations and developments are available to support this growing trend.

New innovations pave the way forward for the Merino wool industry, allowing it to be a dynamic one that is forever changing. Innovations can be introduced into Merino wool at any stage in the manufacturing process - reaffirming Merino wool as versatile, cutting edge and a clever alternative to other fibres.

Some key innovations with particular interest to the fabric sector include: Neulana Fabrics, Warp knit Merino, Knitted Denim, Mottled Merino Wovens and Mercerised Merino.

The Wool Lab AW 15/16 presents seven inspiring themes and is available to view upon request by designers, manufacturers, retailers, fashion and apparel brands and all the professionals of the fashion industry, to provide a concrete sourcing service, putting them in contact with the world's best wool suppliers.

The Woolmark Company has partnered with the China Textile Association to host the inaugural Australian Merino Wool Best of China Wool Awards 2014. The awards, to be held on October 19, will highlight the strong relationship between the Australian wool industry and the Chinese textile industry, and range across 10 categories.

China has long been an important market for Australian Merino wool. Over the past decade consumption of Australian Merino wool by Chinese textile companies and Chinese consumers has increased steadily. As consumption has grown, the expertise in working with Australian Merino wool has increased.

"The Australian Merino Wool Best of China Wool Awards 2014, in partnership with the China Wool Textile Association, are a way for The Woolmark Company to highlight the outstanding achievement in wool manufacturing in China," said The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough.

"The submissions for the awards have come from our key partners with whom we have been working alongside for many years with great success. The opportunity to recognise and award their great achievements is our way to celebrate the bond between the Australian wool industry and the Chinese textile industry."

Textile companies across China were invited to participate in the awards, submitting their best and most innovative wool-rich fabrics.

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Editor's Notes

Key innovations on exhibition at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics:

Neulana Fabrics
Using Neulana technology from Nanshan, a diverse range of innovative new fabrics has been developed. They range from high-performance sport/outdoor fabrics featuring wind resistance, machine washability, wrinkle recovery and water repellence to relaxed textured fabrics ideal for casual jackets. This new technology enables true innovation in pure new wool fabrics.

Warp Knit Merino
In collaboration with New HongJi, innovative new yarns have been produced that feature enhanced strength and resilience. Merino wool has been used to create warp knit fabrics which combine new structures, the dimensional stability of wovens and the extensibility and comfort of weft knits. Fabrics range from lightweight mesh ideal for sportswear to relaxed fabrics for casual jackets.

Knitted Denim
Using the new Lantique yarns from Xinao, a new range of circular knitted Merino 'denim' fabrics are possible. The resulting garments have been acid washed, just like cotton denims, to create a new denim with the comfort of wool and a relaxed aesthetic.

Mottled Merino Wovens
The new felt-no-felt yarns developed for knitwear using a special spray-printing technology developed by The Woolmark Company and Sandeli have been used in wovens to create unique new textures ideal for casual looks in jackets and coats.

Mercerised Merino
Softness, next-to-skin comfort and just-pressed appearance are important features of shirts. By using mercerised Merino with fine denier polyester Reliance Industries and The Woolmark Company have created the ultimate shirting fabric which both looks and feels good.