The Woolmark Company launches new campaign with Il Gufo at Pitti Bimbo

27 June 2013

The Woolmark Company will present new product innovations and launch an advertising campaign in partnership with Il Gufo, at the most important show dedicated to the Mothers and Babies sector: Pitti Bimbo.

The Woolmark Company will launch a new advertising campaign in partnership with Il Gufo
The Woolmark Company will launch a new advertising campaign in partnership with Il Gufo.

The Woolmark Company will also reinforce its presence at the exhibition with a new stand, conceived to offer a “wool experience” to exhibitors and visitors, mixing science and entertainment to highlight the natural qualities of the woollen fibre and its benefits in childrenswear.

In the new booth, The Woolmark Company will introduce items from the Merino Mini collections which have been created to showcase product development ideas and innovations to the industry. This will be shown through samples of jersey pieces and bodysuits, knitted pullovers and pants, blankets and other garments, produced using the finest Merino wool.

On the occasion of Pitti Bimbo, The Woolmark Company will also launch an international advertising campaign developed in partnership with premium Italian kidswear label Il Gufo, focused on the wool capsule collection resulting from the collaboration between the two brands, which started in 2012.

The partnership has seen the development of a colourful collection of 100 per cent Merino wool sweaters, which enhance the natural qualities of the fibre including softness, odour control, breathability, resilience, lightness, easy care and elasticity. The campaign will represent the positive values The Woolmark Company shares with Il Gufo, proposing a joyful image of childhood and a modern concept of childrenswear.

The campaign will be aired globally from August, supporting the launch of the collection in Il Gufo’s eight flagship stores, more than 750 wholesalers and four shop-in-shops, in nine countries: Italia, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and USA.

The capsule collection, developed by Il Gufo and The Woolmark Company, is composed by pullovers, cardigans, jackets and other pieces in 100 per cent Merino wool, in a special range of colours, enhancing the wool’s benefits in childrenswear: softness and comfort next to skin, breathability, resilience, easy to care and unique capacity to maintain the brilliance of colours.

The Woolmark Company Chief of Global Strategy and Marketing Rob Langtry explains: “The Woolmark Company is proud to grow the partnership with Il Gufo, a brand with which we share values of excellence, innovation and commitment to quality, through the launch of a joint International advertising campaign which celebrates the beauty of Merino wool.

“It is a new step in educating consumers on the benefits of wool in childrenswear.

“Coherently with the corporate mission of increasing awareness and demand in favour of wool, the company will continue to promote wool in the Mothers and Babies category, supporting the best brands through product development innovations and educating the players of the supply chain, from retailers to consumers.”

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About The Woolmark Company:

The Woolmark is the world’s best-known textile fibre brand, established in 1964.

The Woolmark brand is owned by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), a not-for-profit company owned by over 27,000 woolgrowers. AWI’s vision is to be a significant contributor to a vibrant, stable and profitable wool industry providing the world with the best natural fibre. The company works throughout the global supply chain – from woolgrowers through to retailers.

The company mission is to enhance the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry; and increase demand and market access for Australian wool.

Merino wool provides stability, resilience, softness and luxury to the tailoring industry. The fibre has long been a favourite of designers, but younger consumers, born in an era of ‘disposable’ fashion know too little about the natural benefits.

Wool is a 100 per cent natural and renewable fibre. Sheep live on grass, water, fresh air and sunshine. Wool is a fibre that is grown – not man-made. Every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a renewable fibre source.