The Woolmark Company joins with Nanshan Group to establish Wool Development Centre (WDC)

29 October 2013

A new Wool Development Centre (WDC) has been officially opened in Yantai, Shandong Provence to develop innovative high value-added woven products made from Australian Merino wool.

The Woolmark Company CEO Stuart McCullough walks through the new Wool Development Centre with representatives from the Nanshan Group
The Woolmark Company CEO Stuart McCullough walks through the new Wool Development Centre with representatives from the Nanshan Group.

The centre will be a significant training base to foster professional talent in the wool textile industry. It has been co-founded by the global authority on wool - The Woolmark Company - and by one of China’s leading woollen textile enterprises: The Nanshan Group.

Nanshan Group President Mr Song Jianmin, Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd of Nanshan Group General Manager Mr Song Riyou, The Woolmark Company CEO Stuart McCullough and Global Product Development and Commercialisation Manager Jimmy Jackson attended the ceremony, along with China Wool Textile Association Chair Ms Peng Yanli.

With extensive research, development and testing facilities alongside a national level laboratory, Nanshan Group has joined with The Woolmark Company to help drive the expansion of the Chinese woollen textile industry.

Nanshan Group General Manager Song Riyou said: “The Woolmark Company is the professional research, innovation and marketing arm of the Australian wool industry, with a significant contribution to revitalising pure wool brands and the sector as a whole. As one of the major partners for The Woolmark Company in the Chinese market, Nanshan Fabric and Garment Co., Ltd. is intent on becoming a global organisation upholding the best practices in governance. Therefore, we cofounded the WDC which integrates key resources for the wool industry to the benefit of the operations and development of both parties.

"We are honoured by this opportunity to work with The Woolmark Company in the establishment of the WDC, and look forward to further promoting technology innovation and development of the wool industry.”

Mr Jackson added how The Woolmark Company was glad to be partnering with the Nanshan Group to cofound the WDC.

“It will be an important R&D and training base for The Woolmark Company”, Mr Jackson said. “With the support of research and development of the WDC, the natural benefits and properties of Merino wool will reach a wider audience and the WDC will deliver more innovative Merino wool products to consumers.

With advanced technologies and equipment, The Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd. has set R&D centres in many countries across the world, with an aim to establish and improve its “Go Global” strategy. As a long-term partner of the Nanshan Group, The Woolmark Company is a key player in research and development of fabrics made from Australian Merino wool. The newly built WDC will further drive innovation and research to help create a wide variety of modern products for a growing market for Merino wool.