The Woolmark Company collaborates with scabal to launch scabal noble wool club

31 March 2015

For close to 500 years Scabal has been producing some of the world’s finest cloths made by the finest Australian Merino wool. In its ongoing quest for perfection, Scabal has collaborated with The Woolmark Company to release a collection of Noble Fleece fabrics, produced by the newly formed Scabal Noble Wool Club.

The idea of establishing this illustrious club was born after Scabal Executive Chairman Gregor Thissen visited Australia late 2013 in a bid to bridge the gap between ultrafine wool producers and their ultimate consumers.

As a leading marketeer of sophisticated, specialised, ultrafine wool products, Scabal feels both a responsibility and long-term opportunity in establishing a privileged relationship with the best wool producers.

In order for truly remarkable cloth to be produced, Scabal has established a set of criteria which goes beyond the presently dominant criterion of fibre diameter (micron). For today’s discerning-yet -sophisticated menswear consumer/buyer, the concept of noble wool will reach its full relevance.

To celebrate the launch of Scabal’s noble collection, prestigious menswear publication The Rake is producing a two-part retrospective journey of discovery, highlighting the fibre to fashion journey and re-establishing the emotional connection between exquisite fabrics and their origins.

Part one of the special feature was published in The Rake’s February edition, with a short film released to complement.

The Noble Fleece collection will be launched at four exclusive events in Spain, France, the USA and Canada.

“For me, it’s the first in a hopefully long series of fabrics that are going to be based on a new focus in the selection process for wool,” Thissen tells The Rake. “So far in the ultra-fine business, we’ve always focussed on micronage, and I want now to go beyond that and add a lot of other different characteristics to the wool we’re selecting.”

Collaborating with The Woolmark Company, the global authority on wool is able to impart its knowledge of the entire wool supply chain with Scabal and it is evident that both organisations share similar core values, underpinned by the highest quality that is possible.

“The Woolmark Company is, and always has been, dedicated to quality,” explains The Woolmark Company’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Rob Langtry. “Our collaboration with Scabal demonstrates to consumers that, when they buy a Scabal product made from the very best Merino wool, designed by experienced fabric designers, woven by the best English weavers, they are the proud owner of the world’s finest natural quality fibre in terms of provenance, performance and luxury.”

Gregor Thissen is equally enthusiastic about the two entities’ ongoing synergy in pursuit of perfection.

“The Woolmark Company’s senior management have been so instrumental in helping us to take our dreams - when it comes to the Noble Fleece and other cloths - to reality,” Thissen tells The Rake.

“Their profound knowledge of all sides of the wool market, from grower to consumer - from sheep to shop - has supported the process of selecting our wool growing partners and, more specifically, that of working on wool characteristics that are valuable for our very demanding final customers.”